The Jay Hamilton
Memorial Association

Nazca Lines

Winter 2013
It's been quite a year since Jay left us. Overwhelming and heart-breaking, yes -- but so full of love,
just like Jay.

But we must go on knowing Jay is with us to help carry on his legacy of kindness, caring and love of others -- and of course, the legacy of his music. A newsletter is an opportunity to keep everyone across the country informed of projects, programs and plans of the association.

For that reason, we've selected the Nazca visual communication symbols for our newsletter items (after Jay's "Nazca Lines"). In above photo, the totem hummingbird symbolizes devotion, permanence, eternity and life cycles.

Our first newsletter will briefly lay out plans that we hope will further the aims and mission of the JHMA, as well as ongoing plans and projects.

NEWS!! "Jay's Story" in FILM!!! JHMA President Chris Hamilton has been in touch with someone in the film industry who is interested in telling Jay's story on film. We have lots of archived video, etc. and will be working on a story board over the winter. If you have any video of Jay or can lend a hand with the film project, please get in touch!
NEWS!! We're having a logo contest! We're looking for the best logo to represent the JHMA and will offer a cash prize for the winning logo. Ideas include Jay's hat & glasses, possibly with earphones and or turntables, a HAMMER or ????. The logo has to be clean, stylized and concise enough to reproduce small if needed -- everywhere from a biz card to a hat brim to a CD label. In other words, KISS! Interested? Please get in touch!!
MEDIA!! DJ Ontario Magazine - "Ontario DJs gather to remember friend, raise money for cancer"
November 21, 2013 - Read article here...

Office Stuff: JHMA Official Registration
Now that we've officially registered the Jay Hamilton Memorial Association as a non-profit in Nova Scotia ( and will have an official bank account here in Hali), we are working on federal incorporation which will give us 'designated charity' status. We'll be able to issue tax deductible receipts for donations of cash or in kind. JHMA Chapters are being established in Halifax, Fredericton, Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver. We hope to have these cities become 'official chapters' soon!

Family Tree Branches

An Association Board Member list
is being compiled here for each city. Again, please let us know if you are missing from the Board Member list and should be (or want to be) on it -- or if you're on the list and shouldn't be (or don't want to be :-) Our executive board (2013-2014) includes Chris Hamilton- President, Jurgen Teuwen - VP, Gail Martin - Secretary-Treasurer, Todd Hodder, Sarah Creighton and Amanda Stevens. AGM in August, 2014.
So many to thank for your support through events, auctions, selling your "made with love" creative products -- straight from the heart. Jay is truly blessed to have you all staying close (where he can keep an eye on you :-) This month, very special thanks to Joe LR, Matt Rohrbacher and Jay Lovemount. Awesome!

Like most non-profit associations, the JHMA will survive through the support and initiative of its members and volunteers. We will be working on membership benefits etc. over the winter and yep, t-shirts, hats (especially the famous "Jay Hamilton" hat, etc). If you can help with that or have an idea for our logo, please get in touch with
Gail Martin FB.

Project Grants
Not much here yet, but if you see anything that might be relevant to the Jay Hamilton Memorial Association aims and mission, please contact us!

2014 Here We Come


"It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol - further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity
and infinity"

Program Updates

Cancer Pre-screening for Young Adults

Colon cancer is sneaky. Because colonic cancers reveal no symptoms until the advanced stages, many people are unaware they have a health problem. When Jay was diagnosed, he urged his friends to get screened and his wish was that you would all be safe from this dreadful disease.

At Jay's urging, many of his friends asked their doctors for pre-screening tests for colon, prostate, testicular or breast cancer. Many were turned down or bluntly told to come back when they're 55. Statistically, 55 is the age at which a higher % of people are prone to cancer so the tests are either not available or cost prohibitive.. Too young to be tested. Yet, we know, as in Jay's case, these cancers attack young people too.
We want to insure that every young adult in Canada has the opportunity for pre-screening.

Can you help in your area? Research is needed in each of the provinces to determine the precise medical industry reaction to accessible pre-screening for young adults. Is pre-screening available? At what cost or is it covered? What doctors (in each province) will authorize the screening? Are blood tests (simpler, less dangerous and more accurate) available? Again, at what cost? Please let us know if you can help pull this info together for your province, or nationally if you're ambitious or well connected.

A Facebook PM is fine and we'll touch base.
Music Production Scholarship

The second associat
ion aim is to raise funds for an annual music production scholarship (and to establish a production studio as "Destro Recordings", Jay's company). Chris Hamilton has Jay's studio equipment set up and is working on compilations of Jay's music as a fundraising initiative. He also has Jay's entire collection of vinyl, some dating back to the 80's and most from England, Germany and the US. Chris is in the process of cataloguing the collection, but let him know if you are looking for something special! Some of Jay's collection will be kept for mixing or for nostaligic reasons; some will be sold or used as incentives for fundraising. Chris would love your expertise in setting up the studio and turning it into a small business under the association. We're looking for input from our Board Members or others as to what school we should support. Which is the best (at least to start with).

Talk to Chris here on FB.
The Jay Hamilton Memory Garden
A third mission has been initiated
to establish The Jay Hamilton Memorial Garden where others can commemorate the loss of young adults from cancer or cancer related complications. The latest fundraising efforts in Toronto (November 22, 2013) and Moncton (November 29, 2013) as well as Jay Lovemount's painting auction has raised enough to plant several hundred tree seedlings. Location and landscaping design is being planned and a tree planting camping event will be hosted in spring/summer 2014. We are gathering ideas for Jay's Garden here on Pinterest and would love to hear your thoughts for outdoor sculptures, commemorative plants, benches, etc.

Contact : jayhamiltonfoundation at
Association HQ and Studio
27 Earl Court
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Remembering Jay Story

So many of you have shared Jay stories with us over the last months and we'd love to share them with others (thanks for suggestion, Todd Hodder).

Sass Fraser, one of Jay's besties who released a large paper lantern for Jay in Toronto on November 22, just sent this, so here's our first "Jay Story".

" Meeting Jay - Vampire"

Hallowe'en 2010

I'm not sure I told you how Jay and I met. I went to a Halloween party at
Natalie Williams' house. I was Joan Jett and Jay was a vampire (oh, I did tell you this...My only photo I own of him is from that party). That was the first time I met Jay. He looked dapper in a velvet black blazer, black tie and white dress shirt but it was the piercing aqua blue contacts he was wearing that made him so vampy. We hit it off and had great conversation. I can't even remember what we talked about. Likely music. He tracked me down post-party with some help from Natalie Williams via Facebook. Thus began a wonderful friendship. After that we had countless movie/TV watching nights, drinks at the bar and dinners out. I got him hooked on Chicken Pot Pie. That Christmas we exchanged gifts. I thought I was super clever by presenting him with a special edition DVD copy of The Princess Bride which both of us could quote from memory. His gift took the cake. He blew my mind when I unwrapped a Joan Jett Barbie doll. He was so special. I miss him all the time. I wish I could have done more than just taxi him from the hospital. The last movie he and I watched together was Tower Heist. Ha! He and I squished into his hospital bed and watched it on the laptop. He was such a good watching buddy. We'd often watch programs together. Love you Jay. Miss you everyday.
Your friend always, Sass"

Photo and Jay Story courtesy Sass Fraser.

Thank you, Sass. "The Princess Bride" was Jay's favourite movie. Thank you also for being there for him and for all of us (and for all you did to help Joe LR and Matt at the JH Memorial Jam, November 22, 2013, Toronto.