Jay Hamilton Memorial Association
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If I've forgotten anyone (erk, sorry!) or added someone who isn't on the Board (almost as grave an error), or if you'd like to be part of the JHM Association and to help us move the mission forward, please PM me. Here are the peeps who will represent the JHMA in Canada's various cities/events where Jay has a personal and/or musical history.
Winter 2013/14 Newsletter "Nazca Lines"



Chris Hamilton, Gail Martin, Jurgen Teuwen, Todd Hodder,
Sarah Creighton, Lauren Stewart, Amanda Stevens & "charife" (Halifax HO)

Amy Kindervater, Chuck Barry (Frederiction)

Sonny D (Moncton), Claire Kenway (Montreal)

Joe LR, the Hamilton Family, Angela Allain, Greg King-London (Toronto)

Ryan and Angela Mayer, Lindsay Hill, Breydin South, Jayson Kulynych (Regina)

James Dobbin, Pat Duffy, Jody and Lindsay Crowe, Jamie and Faye Archibald, Shel Zg, (Calgary)

Bernadette Leno, Anita Sikma (Vancouver)


More Info? Call Chris 902-210-3001 or Gail 902-347-2602